Inspire Through Clothing

About AFTRMTH Brand

Ever thought to yourself “what if” ?

What if I did take that risk? Life is a ticking time bomb and the older you get the more you realise how quick it goes.

Starting a clothing company has always been something that played on our mind, we always wanted to walk in the gym and see someone wearing our brand, we have always wanted to create something from nothing. It wasn’t until we sat down with pen and paper and realised it was something we all wanted to do.
Now we could of
A- kept speaking about it
B- make a move and get the ball rolling!
So we done what we thought was best and that was have a go, we are prepared to fail, we have had challenges, setbacks and it does get full on, but.... that’s exactly what taking a risk is going to be like. But when you have tunnel vision, supportive people surrounding you and a goal, anything is possible!
We don’t know where this will take us or where it will end up, but our mission is to inspire through clothing, to show people that if you put you’re mind, heart & soul into it, you can do anything and that life’s short so let’s turn negative situations into positive and grow together, this is the AFTRMTH and welcome to our journey.